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Estate Planning, Wills & Trusts in Phoenix, Surprise & Sun City

will trustWe have all been stonewalled with, "I'm sorry. Privacy laws prevent me from discussing that with you." It's frustrating, but did you know that this same privacy protection could stop even your spouse from being able to act for you in regards your finances and health care, if the need arises. Now is the time you need to make sure that the right people are authorized to act for you.

  • Will your family be able to pay their bills if you are sick?
  • Will you be able to get the right doctors and treatment if you are sick?
  • Will you be able to get access to your spouse's 401K if your spouse dies?

With the proper estate plan, you can avoid having to get the court involved just to get access to your money or your family's assets. Your estate plan will provide the legal framework and authority for the persons you want to help you and your family if you become sick, incapacitated, or die. Contact our offices today!

It's not just about the documents. Sure, you need a financial power of attorney, a healthcare power of attorney, a will and maybe even a trust. However, once you have the documents, you need to have your questions answered. If you cannot remember how to use the documents, what use is estate planning?