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A Good Deed for Avoiding Probate

How to hold title to property is a fundamental question facing the purchasers. The title will affect whether the property will need to go through the probate court process if one of the property owners dies.

The most basic way to avoid probate when more than one person is purchasing real property is to hold the

Avoiding Probate With A Beneficiary Deed

The probate court system can be avoided if you would like your family or a friend to receive your real property at your death, but you do not want to share title while you are living. A Beneficiary Deed in essence is a "pay on death designation" for real property.

Under A.R.S. Section 33-405, the owner or

Having Your Will With IRAs and 401Ks

Wills and Trusts generally will not govern the distribution of your IRA’s or 401k’s. The designated beneficiary form directs who will get your qualified retirement plan after you die. Qualified retirement plans include IRA's and any plan created by ERISA, such as a 401k or a 403b retirement

To Probate or Not to Probate

Probate is the court process which is necessary to distribute assets titled in the name of a deceased person. Probate is not necessary when assets are held in "joint tenants with right of survivorship" or "community property with right of survivorship." The "right of survivorship" term is contractual language which