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Before Saying “I Do”—
Whether Getting Married or Just Residing Together

Before moving in with someone, whether you are getting married or not, it is important that you both are protected from any financial or health mishap. If you are sharing the cost of living expenses, what if the other of you gets too sick to handle finances

Domestic Partners Should Not Be Legal Strangers

"Domestic Partners" is a term used today to refer to people who live together but who are not married. Today, many times, older adults like to live with a brother or a sister, and they would be considered Domestic Partners. Domestic Partners also include same sex couples or heterosexual couples who

Property Agreements for Couples Whether Married or Not

When families are blended, a couple needs to look out for the rights of each's natural and step children. A Revocable Living Trust can set out the guidelines of how to distribute the assets to either the survivor or to the the deceased person's children or some combination of both. However