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What Does the Process of Getting an Estate Plan Involve?

When I meet with my clients, I go over the various estate planning documents and whether a revocable living trust is necessary. Sometimes, a trust is not necessary with the use of a beneficiary deed and other pay on death designations.

Most of my clients come in with the goal of making

Protecting a Blended Family with a Property Agreement

When families are blended, a couple needs to look out for the rights of each's natural and step children. A Revocable Living Trust can set out the guidelines of how to distribute the assets to either the survivor or to the the deceased person's children or some combination of both. However

Protecting Families with a Trust

With all of the changes in tax and investment laws, now more than ever, it is important to have the most cost-effective method of having the right person handle your assets if you become ill or if you die. Revocable Living Trusts are very useful for assuring access to assets due to illness or death.

With only a

Protecting Families with an Estate Plan

Most people think of Wills and death when they think of estate planning. However, the distribution of assets after death is only one issue to be considered. Financial accounts and property all have legal title requirements. Financial institutions and title companies will not release assets unless the legal

Protecting Family with Health Care Powers

If you want to be in the best medical health, it is important to be sure that you are in the best legal health. That is, that you have identified agents with complete legal authority to make decisions about the health care you need -- when you are unable to make the decision yourself.

The medical

Protecting Family with the Power to Protect Your Assets

The durable power of attorney is a fundamental tool to protect your assets. It allows you to name an agent to handle your assets, if you become ill or incapacitated, are traveling or unavailable for some reason. Even assets held in joint tenancy or community property require the signature by