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The Alphabet Soup of Limited Liability Entities

Choosing a business entity requires sifting through various combinations of letters: L.L.C’s, L.P.'s, L.L.L.P.’s, Co.’s and Inc.’s. The oldest of all these entities is the corporation.

With a corporation, the shareholders have limited liability exposure. Generally, their personal assets cannot be

Do You Trust Your LLC?

In these economic times, many people are forging into their own businesses and forming LLC's.  However, many people are forgetting to integrate their estate planning, specifically their revocable living trust, into their LLC.

The Arizona Corporation Commission requires a minimum to create an LLC; submit the requisite

What Business is it of Business Owner to Consider Estate Planning?

Why should a busy business owner worry about estate planning? What is estate planning anyway?

Estate planning involves the legal framework that can protect a business when a business owner becomes severely ill or dies. For example, if a business owner becomes ill or