When visiting family, do I show them my Will?
This holiday season when you're visiting your family you may be thinking that you want to talk to them about your estate plan: like your will or your trust or your powers of attorney. I recommend that my clients only tell their families where their original documents are and who their attorney is. If you give them copies at your holiday gatherings then if you make changes you have to get all those copies back. It's important not to tell your family information that is contradictory to the provisions you in your estate plan. If you tell them something and contradiction, then they will have evidence they can testify about which will undermine your estate plan. Remember your estate plan should provide for your death with a and even a trust; with Powers of Attorney so the right people can handle your finances or Health Care upon your death; and with the health-care Declaration so you can be clear to your family what kind of end-of-life care you want.